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Decide the right amount of mulch for your needs

Sources of Mulch

The raw materials used in our mulches are recovered from wood manufacturing operations that do not use the bark. A couple of decades ago, this would have been incinerated or dumped in a landfill. Much of the materials used come from "Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)" certified operations.

To figure the amount of mulch you need, take the length x width and divide by 100, this will give you the number of yards you need for 3" deep.


For circular beds, measure the diameter - radius = diameter divided by 2. Remember high school math - 3.14 x R2=A. This gives you your square footage - again divide by 100 to get the number of yards for 3" deep.


Most mulches are applied at a depth of 3".

Deliveries of three or more yards are made at no additional charge in the local area.

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Top-notch Mulch

K & K Mulch and Loam Inc. of Franklin, MA sells only the finest bark mulch. You'll be impressed with our premium bark mulches which have richer color and better texture compared to other mulches.


Mulch helps to moderate soil temperature and retain moisture, thereby reducing the need to water. They help reduce the splashing from rain or irrigation water, reducing the spread of disease, and help to block the formation or germination of many weeds. In time, mulch decomposes and lends their nutrients to the soil.


Finely textured hemlock bark mulch with it distinctive red-orange color is especially striking against an evergreen background. Pleasantly scented, its soft wood consistency breaks down slowly creating a lasting impact in your yard.

Hemlock mix

Our premium mix is a mix of hemlock, pine, spruce, and fir with a delightful pine forest scent. It has got more of a reddish brown color.

Premium dark mix

Premium dark mix is a blend of spruce and fir bark that is aged to a rich natural dark brown. One of our most popular mulches, it has the wonderful scent of Christmas trees. Complementing any garden or landscape, this mulch really makes plants pop against its dark background. For those who do not want any dyes this is an all-natural mulch with no colorants added. This mulch breaks down the quickest, adding nutrients back into your soil.

Black forest

Black forest is a mixture of softwoods including northern white cedar. Tinted with a carbon black pigment that is environmentally safe. This fine textured mulch provides an intense contrast to brightly colored flowers and other building materials.

Composted leaf mulch

This is our newest product. It is composted leaf mulch with a very similar look and texture of our black forest. What makes this mulch different is the fact that it is not color enhanced one bit. Because it is a compost material it serves two purposes, one it is mulch and keeps weeds down while allowing your plant to thrive. The second benefit to this product is the fact that there is virtually no mulch build up and increasing the soil quality of your flower beds over time.

Kid cushion

ASTM F1292 certified playground chips are a fine ground mix of wood fibers. This is certified for use in public and private playgrounds.

Composted loam

Our screened loam is a composted product rich in nutrients from leaves, manure, plant materials, and grass. Screened to 1/2", this loam's organic content is ideal for gardens as well as lawns.